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Tweetgate: RTE still have questions to answer

We know that a mistake was made but we still do not know precisely how it was made.  How and why did this happen?

Nor do we know who knew what and when.  Pat Kenny claimed he did not know but when did his production team know the tweet was false?

If the production crew became aware that a mistake had been made, who did they report it too?

Was their a listing of official Twitter accounts for the campaigns, campaign managers and press officers.  In other words, was there a mechanism in place for checking off against official Twitter accounts.

What rules were enforced, to track the veracity of the tweet?

It would appear that the production crew re-wrote one audience attendee’s question but did they do it for others and do they do it on a regular basis?

What criteria do they use to select the audience?   Are some audience members primed for a question and others not?

Are some members of the miked up and others not?  Are members requested to sit in specific seats?

Are the seats numbered so that audience members are easily and quickly identified by the production crew, that is, producer, floor manager, sound engineer and presenter?

RTE have apologised but they have lost an opportunity to gain or regain respect and integrity. They sat on their hands when an obvious editorial error had taken place,rather than admit it and then offered spurious excuses in defence of their actions while awaiting a BAI judgement that ruled against them.

Media Diversity conference raised many interesting issues

The Media Diversity conference held on 6th February raised a number of interesting issues.

Nessa Childers MEP, Minister for Communicatons Pat Rabbitte TD and Bronwen Maher

The conference Media Diversity: Why does it matter? which was organised by Ireland East Labour MEP, Nessa Childers was aimed at exploring the implications for traditional notions of democratic accountability and journalistic independence given the emergence and dominance of multi-national media corporations.

Primacy of Competition laws and a  failure to regulate is having detrimental effect on workers’ conditions and freedom of the press.

A survey carried out by Nessa Childer’s office showed d that  77% of journalists believe media diversity is at risk due to trends in media ownership. One fifth (20.3%) say media owners have editorial influence on their work, and interestingly, almost half believe growth of internet protects media diversity while  61% agreed that regulation in Ireland’s print media is needed.

An interesting conference agenda included: Media ownership in the European Union: trends and regulation;  Media ownership and Ireland; Media Diversity – A Condition of Democracy?; Murdoch Unmasked – Are the Moguls in Decline? and New Media, New Voices?.

Speakers included Nessa Childers MEP; Minister for Communications Pat Rabbitte TD; Financial Times contributing editor John Lloyd and author of ‘What the Media are doing to our politics’, Professor Brian Cathcart of Kingston University, London and founder member of ‘Hacked Off’; Séamus Dooley, secretary of the National Union of Journalists, Press ombudsman Professor John Horgan,  Dr, Alpha Kerr, Dept of Sociology Maynooth and Dr Karin Wahl-Jorgensen, Cardiff University, among others.