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Dove Campaign for Real Beauty – What really goes into these Unilever products?

Dove’s Campaign for Real Beauty has been lauded for the creative approach its marketing and PR people have taken to alerting consumers, sorry citizens, to the quality of their products, sorry again, what they are really only interested in doing is alerting you to the concept of real beauty which, after all, we know is ‘within’.

Check out the first vid titled Dove Onslaught where the company appeals to the ‘beauty within’ concept and warns us of the power of advertising¬† over the young.

Greenpeace obviously decided to¬† take a look at this vid also, scratched their heads in wonder and came up with some research on Dove’s products which tells us a somewhat different story.

Check out the second vid Рthe Greenpeace produced  Dove Onslaught(er)