The French weekly, Le Canard Enchaine, with no advertising, outsells Le Monde

Le Canard enchaine - an outspoken newspaper that carries no advertising yet outsells Le Monde

The French weekly ‘Le Canard’ Enchaine’ (The Chained Duck) carries no photographs or advertising, its articles are unsigned and the newspaper shuns the web (

With about 600,000 copies bought each week – considerably more than dailies such as Le Monde and Le Figaro – the paper turns a healthy profit and has a cushion of 100 million euro in the bank.

So just how do they do it?   Interesting article here


15 Facebook for Business Tips

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Using simple social media tools to capture an event

Simple social media tools to capture an event.

So how do you do it ?

Whatever your event or charity or organisation or campaign, how do you get people talking about what you do before, during and after the event?

Darragh Doyle explains

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Interesting piece by Mary Rose Lyons of Brightspark on ‘How to Buy Web Design’

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How do you Google?

An eye-tracking survey investigating user’s search behaviour using Google.

Google icon

Read the Google Search Report here

Research conducted by National College of Ireland under the Enterprise Ireland Innovation Voucher Scheme on behalf of Mulley Communications.

Breaking up in an Online World – How to avoid E-Stalkers


Breaking up is indeed hard to do. It can be even harder when you realize that you follow your ex (and more importantly, your ex follows you) on all the social networks—especially if one or both of you really shouldn’t be. Follow these basic steps to make life easier and protect yourself from being bugged, harassed, or stalked on the web.

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