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Kony campaign a model of ‘slacktivism’?

Has the Kony campaign highlighted the sheepherding ability of social media activism and given it a bad name?

The San Diego based charity, Invisible Children, headed by film maker and co-founder Jason Russell,  who made the film, have been accused of supporting violence through military intervention and of promoting a simplistic  ‘seek and destroy’ simplistic solution to a complex problem, making a bad situation worse.

This is a clever video campaign and may be a far more interesting communications case study on how small charity organisations  or issues, products etc can optimise new media to grow globally.  It is far less impressive when dealing with the complex issue of negotiating peace settlements and re-building broken and dysfunctional societies.

As one pundit described it:  An essay in slacktivism?

In the meantime maybe Rihanna’s PR consultant might advise her to put her top back on.