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Is journalism being shaped by page views?

The famous Washington Post journalist Bob Woodward believes that “real journalism still depends on carefully planned and doggedly performed legwork“.

However it would appear that journalists may now be under pressure to produce and frame stories based on page views.

Computer software gauges the stories that are “trending” so if your stories aren’t figuring then – depending on the editorial culture – you may eventually feel the heat of managerial disapproval.

And this is all a product of the same technology that drives online advertising by giving advertisers instant feedback on which messages are working.

John Naughton of the Observer reports

Email + Direct Marketing = Impact?

At the An Post Direct Marketing Awards last week (see report here) the message was that Digital Direct  Marketing through email, backed up by hard copy creates impact.

In truth, its all part of an overall IMC package where cost-effective digital is providing new channels of access.

Interestingly,  the ESB’s online customers receive an electronic magazine (ezine) every two  months which is measured to see which articles are clicked on the most allowing editorial content to mirror customer’s interests and needs.

De-Coding Digital Trends – Ireland 2011 – Red C Research Report

Red C Research has released research on Digital Trends in Ireland. Their report is available as a pdf.

Red C Research – De-Coding Digital Trends Ireland 2011

Findings include increased ‘desire’ to be connected at all times, increased use of mobile devices (smartphones) to access online and increased geo-availability with social media driving time spent online with Facebook dominating.

Another report looks at the Top Ten Internet Mobile Trends with a So Lo Mo trend identified, that is, Social Media, Local Advertising and Mobile.

Strauss-Kahn: The Porche-driving Socialist


IMF Leader, and likely ‘Socialist’ presidential candidate in next year’s elections, Dominique Strauss-Kahn,  did himself no favours when he and his millionaire wife  were photographed stepping into a black Porsche Panamera S outside their apartment on the 17th century Place des Vosges.

DSK’s defence is that he does not own the car and had merely borrowed it from his PR adviser!

Champagne Socialist - Dominique Strauss-Kahn steps into the Porsche Panamera S

The French weekly, Le Canard Enchaine, with no advertising, outsells Le Monde

Le Canard enchaine - an outspoken newspaper that carries no advertising yet outsells Le Monde

The French weekly ‘Le Canard’ Enchaine’ (The Chained Duck) carries no photographs or advertising, its articles are unsigned and the newspaper shuns the web (

With about 600,000 copies bought each week – considerably more than dailies such as Le Monde and Le Figaro – the paper turns a healthy profit and has a cushion of 100 million euro in the bank.

So just how do they do it?   Interesting article here